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You are qualified to win a generous 1xBet Bonus!

Since 2007 1xBet has come from being a local online bookmaker in Russia to one of the most popular platforms across the world in the world of sports betting and online games.

The online platform as part of its ever-expanding reach has entered Tanzania.

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1xBet bonus all you need to know

It is a norm to offer new uses exclusive bonuses in order to encourage joining online betting platforms.

1xBet has taken up this practice and offers new users an extremely attractive 1xBet bonus offers.
To get the bonus is quite easy, all you need to do is make a first-time deposit on the 1xBet platform. Your deposit can be any amount starting from 1 $ an equivalent amount in your preferred currency.

You will then receive 100% of the deposited amount (up to 144 $) as an additional bonus free of charge. This gives you a real opportunity to decide just how much bonus you want to get. Please note that bonus is available to sports betting users as well as casino game bettors.

Registration bonus

Useful details of the 1xBet bonus code

In order to optimize the benefits of the 1xBet bonus, you need to fully understand the promo.

That way you will be prepared to get the best out of the promo.

Who is eligible for the bonus?

Simply put, the bonus is available to new users above 18 years making a deposit for the first time on the platform. The 1xBet bonus serves as a welcome offer as a result new users alone are eligible for it.

Users with existing accounts will not have access to the bonus code.

You also need to remember that you need to copy the bonus code as you register your new account.

We will discuss in detail how you can activate 1xBet bonus code when you register on the platform.

How much is up for grabs?

1xBet first deposit bonus

The answer to this is actually an outstanding feature of the 1xBet bonus. Your bonus is an exact match of the first deposit amount up to a maximum of $144. This means that the amount you will be receiving in your bonus is controlled by you. Because you will receive 100% of the amount you deposit, you can decide just how much bonus you want and you will get just that.

You can deposit as little as $1 (or the equivalent sum in Tanzania shillings) and as much as you want. No matter what your financial situation is you can take advantage of the 1xBet bonus. However to get the most out of the promo you would need to deposit $144 or more to gain the maximum possible bonus.

Registration bonus

Why would 1xBet offer such huge amounts to all new users?

The 1xBet bonus is part of the platforms efforts to expand in a region New market including the African market and by extension the Tanzanian market in particular.

1xBet has made a lot of profit over the recent years so the platform has enough funding to support this offer. The offer is aimed at driving up the population of users on the platform. Despite being a really expensive endeavour, the 1xBet bonus is strategically profitable for the platform as well as the user.

Registration bonus

Using 1xBet

New users can access the 1xBet registration bonus on the many available online platforms including:

  • The official website.
  • The official mobile website.
  • The Android application.
  • The iPhone app.
  • And the windows mobile app.

The 1xBet platform is fully loaded with features that’s far exceeds sports-betting alone. Other popular features on the platform include a live casino where users can play numerous casino games like poker and win real money with their 1xBet registration bonus. The casino features a live dealer which gives an immersive experience simulating the feeling of being in a live casino.

For the sports fans the 1xBet platform offers live streaming for all sporting events. The streaming service is completely free however you would need to find your account to access this service. Rest assured your funds will not be deducted for streaming live matches on the platform.

You can watch all your favourite sporting events live even if you rarely bet. Once you found your account you get 100% of the amount as a bonus in addition to access to stream live sporting events at no extra cost. You can place bets with your deposits as well as your 1xBet bonus and win big.

Free access to streaming services while winning money that’s a win-win situation any way you look at it.

Even though streaming service is free, it has an expansive collection of tournaments as well as leagues all for your viewing pleasure.

In addition to the 1xBet registration bonus code, another really cool feature is the vast range of payout options as well as deposit options that allows you to deposit and cash out your funds on the platform.

You can use your bank card as well as bitcoin in addition to numerous online pay out services supported by the 1xBet platform which includes the traditional mode of transferring money which is the bank transfer. This vast collection of methods ensures that uses have the most convenient means of transacting on the 1xBet platform.

You can receive the 1xBet registration bonus once you have used the 1xBet bonus code by obtaining your preferred pay out option.

Please note that the 1xBet bonus account will continuously get new offers as you continue to use it. This means that after your welcome bonus offer, new offers will be added as time goes on. These offers are designed to be utilised by existing users. An example of these offers is the 1xBet birthday bonus. Bonuses are frequently updated and numerous making the 1xBet platform a really profitable one for all users.

Registration bonus

Steps to receive the 1xBet registration bonus

1xBet register bonus

You do not need to go through a long complicated process to receive 1xBet bonus Tanzania. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below and you will receive this bonus.

  1. The first thing you need to do is register on the 1xBet website.
  2. During registration, ensure you enter the onus code so as to validate your account as only validated accounts can receive the bonus.
  3. Finish the registration by confirming your phone number or email where necessary.
  4. Deposit the exact amount you would want your bonus to be.
  5. Once your account is open your bonus will be deposited automatically to your account.
  6. You can then proceed to play any of multiple 1xBet bonus games in order to validate your bonus and make it eligible for cash out. Please note that you need to play accumulator bets five times the value of your bonus amount.

Get a free bonus

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